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Silver Surfers Computer Course


Woods Harbour, NS Community Centre starting February 1st, 2019 (1 pm to 4 pm) and running every other Friday for as long as needed. 

No Fee, however donations welcome to either the Woods Harbour Community Centre or to the Because We Care Fund.

Contact Alan Daykin (902) 723-0096

Learn how to use:

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Power Point








How to download photos

Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) Program By-Law


This by-law makes provision for an owner of a Qualifying Property located within the Municipality of Barrington to apply to the Municipality for financing of a Clean Energy Upgrade for their property.

A Clean Energy Upgrade will result in substantially improved energy efficiency, the generation of renewable energy or reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Upgrades could include caulking, weather stripping, duct/air sealing, energy efficient windows and doors, heat pumps, wood or pellet stoves, solar thermal panels, etc.

More information on the By-Law can be obtained at the Municipal Office.

Water Supply Upgrade - Lending Program By-Law


This by-law makes provisions for an owner of a Qualifying Property located within the Municipality of Barrington to apply to the Municipality for financing of a Water Supply Upgrade to the property.

A Water Supply Upgrade could include the construction of a new dug or drilled well or an upgrade to an existing well that is required to source water for the property. Upgrades may also include the instillation of cisterns, water from fog systems, greywater collection or other containers that are installed for the purpose of the supply, use and conservation of water.

More information on the By-Law can be obtained at the Municipal Office.

Standing Together to Prevent Domestic Violence


Standing Together to Prevent Domestic Violence is a commitment to work with community organizations, groups and experts to prevent domestic violence, help victims and develop better supports.

The Good Neighbour Energy Fund


The Good Neighbour Energy Fund is an emergency heating program available to Nova Scotian families.  This program, which is administered by The Salvation Army, receives its funds from Nova Scotia Power Inc., NSP employees and customers, and the Nova Scotia Provincial Government.  Applicants are  able to re-apply every 24 months to the program, which runs annually from January through April.  If you are in an emergency home heating situation please download the application form or pick one up from your local Salvation Army church or thrift store, as well as MLA offices.  Check out the following link:

Alternative Family Care (AFC) Program - Caregiver Fact Sheet


About the program

• This is a financial support program. It offers a temporary, less intrusive option to support children who are not in the Minister’s care to maintain their existing family relationships while there is Child Protection involvement. • The program supports case plans when the goal is to reunite the child with their family. Parental support of the care arrangement and involvement in the case plan is expected.  

• Provincial After Hours Response Team: 1-866-922-2434 • Mi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services of Nova Scotia After Hours:  - Mainland communities: 1-800-263-8686  - Cape Breton communities: 1-800-263-8300

NSHA's Crisis Response Services


Mental Health Crisis Line Toll-Free at 1-888-429-8167

NSHA's Crisis Response Services website:

Intake clinicians in your area:

Property Tax Rebate for Seniors


This program, administered by Service Nova Scotia on behalf of the Department of Community Services, is designed to help eligible seniors remain in their homes by providing them with an annual rebate on their municipal property taxes.  The program provides eligible homeowners with a 50% rebate of the actual municipal property taxes paid the previous year, up to a maximum of $800.00 per year. The rebate is always based on the property taxes paid in the previous year.

Narcotics Anonymous


Beacon United Church

Before going to the meeting, confirm time and place for your area:Central Nova Area (Outside Halifax): (800) 205-8402Central Nova Area (Halifax): (902) 454-2913Central Nova Area: (902) 459-4282 - Fri, Sat 8:00 pm

  • Street:  25 Beacon Street
  • Postcode:  B5A 2W2
  • City:  Yarmouth
  • Province:  Nova Scotia



Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Addiction Hotline: 1-877-226-3111

Eating Disorder Hotline: 


Self Harm Hotline: 1-877-455-0628

Depression Hotline: 1-888-640-5174

Nova Scotia Heating Rebate Program


Here is the link for the heating rebate.        

CPAP Machines


For anyone needing a CPAP machine the Lung Association of Nova Scotia has refurbished CPAP machines.

Energy Assessments & Free Upgrades


Home Warming offers no-charge energy assessments and free home upgrades to eligible Nova Scotians. Check it out at

Revenue Canada Community Volunteer Income Tax Program


To qualify:

· Single person: Less than $30,000 income per year 

· Family: Less than $45,000 income combined per year 

CVITP can help you if your tax situation is simple if you have no income or if your income comes from these sources.

· Employment

· Pension

· Benefit or support payments


· Scholarships or grants 

Returns not eligible for the CVITP

Volunteers do not complete returns for individuals who:

· Are self-employed or have employment expenses

· Have business or rental income and expenses

· Have capital gains or losses 

· Filed for bankruptcy 

Are completing a tax return for a deceased person

Volunteer for Shelburne County:

Alan Daykin (902) 723-0096

Please call to make an appointment. efile direct to Revenue Canada

211 Nova Scotia


We get it. Life can be tough sometimes. But help is available if you know where to turn. When you don’t know where to turn, 211 is here to help. 211 is your 24/7 connection to meet anything from basic needs support to the more complex life situations. In 2017, 8% of all needs identified to 211 involved food. Of those, 80% were related to accessing food banks. If you’re struggling, we’re here to listen and help. #dial211 #HelpStartsHere #211Day #MaketheRightCall

Integrative Health Coaching Association of Nova Scotia


In our busy and fast paced lives, we sometimes become overwhelmed with stress, grief, trauma or other triggers that make us feel as though we are unravelling. Integrative Health Coaches can help by using simple therapies, along with gentle techniques that make it easier to find your way back to peace and wholeness.

Lillian Cunningham (president)

Mind Over Matter Health Coaching Services


 Lana D Townsend RPEBedIMHC Lana graduated from Acadia University with a BA in Education and taught several years at Barrington Municipal High before moving to Halifax where she worked as a case manager in the mental health field. She then moved to Boston to teach in private schools, teaching children with Autism. While in Boston she trained to a certified Brain injury specialist, working as a case manager with TBI Adults. Upon her return to NS she took a course to make her a certified Integrated Mental Health Coach and opened her own private practice.

Integrative Health Coach


Linda Symonds is an author, Integrative Health Coach and Infinite Possibilities Trainer. Through her work as a life-success coach, speaker and trainer Linda works with women who are ready for a life change. Linda is a practitioner and teacher of using our thoughts (the way we choose to think) to make the changes to our life that will foster peace of mind, health and happiness. She teaches practical ways to make peace with life, no matter what state it’s in, so that changes can occur that may often seem miraculous. Linda believes that the hardest part for most people is to align with the healing energy and then just get out of the way

Integrative Mental Health Coach


Krista Peterson is an Integrative Mental Health Coach and Personal Trainer in the Barrington area. Krista has been a personal trainer offering training in a class setting for the last 7 years. She worked as an Executive Director for 12 years and decided, over a year ago, to seize the opportunity to begin her own business as an Integrative Mental Health Coach, after she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2015. She took training to become an Integrative Mental Health Coach in 2015 as a way to help herself through the difficult times PTSD had presented. She conducted research, consulted with experts in the mental health field, and worked with clients with many varieties of mental health struggles such as; PTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic sadness to name a few. She has since left her position as an Executive Director and is working privately as an Integrative Mental Health Coach ever since.

Life Skill Coach


Gail Morningstar - Life Coach

I enjoy helping people discover their unique relationships with people places and things. If a change is interesting then we can explore the possibilities.

(902) 307-4431


Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association



The Shelburne County Mental Health and Wellness Association is a Community-Based group of people who care deeply about the mental well-being of our County. We are focused exclusively on Shelburne County! People from a very wide variety of professional and community-based groups sit around our table, along with numerous volunteers, politicians and concerned family and community members. We all recognize that Shelburne County needs and deserves MORE for mental health resources, treatment and recovery.

CHOICES Addictions


CHOICES provides a variety of treatment services for adolescents aged 13 up to 19 years old who are harmfully involved with substances, gambling and/or who have a concurrent disorder, which means a substance use problem and a mental health disorder at the same time.

Juniper House


Juniper House was established in 1985 to provide a safe refuge for women and their children who have experienced abuse. We maintain a 15-bed shelter, 24 hour crisis line; provide supportive counselling, programs, advocacy, referrals and Outreach Services to women in Yarmouth, Digby and Shelburne Counties.

Naloxone (Overdose) Kit



After calling 911, inject into upper arm or upper thigh muscle (like an EpiPen). Start chest compressions/AED after this, if there is no improvement or services have not arrived within 3-5 minutes, inject the second dose (that's why the kits come with two doses). Stay until emergency services arrive. This website shows all places in Nova Scotia where these kits are available:

Searidge Drug Rehab Centre


 Searidge Drug Rehab leads by inspiration. We stand among Canada’s best alcohol and drug rehab centers, recognized for excellence in evidence-based psychotherapy and a high rate of successful addiction recovery. As a premiere alcohol and drug treatment center, we stand for clinical excellence and groundbreaking treatments.

Mom's Unite - Drug Free Community


To bring awareness and prevention of drugs in our community. To offer support and education for those suffering from drug abuse and family members.

Shelburne County Learning Network


We offer free, flexible classes both day and evening in Barrington and Shelburne. You can work at your own pace! We offer the Adult Learning Program (ALP) levels 1, 2 and 3, GED Prep, Computer skills, work skills and more!

(902) 637-4333

Shelburne County Senior Services



Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSIs)



Serving CF Members, Veterans, and their families since 2001.

Kings Kitchen Food Bank


Located in the Calvary United Baptist Church, Woods Harbour, Nova scotia

Kids Help Phone


Every gift to Kids Help Phone helps create a future where every young person in Canada can access the support they need, in the way they need it most. Learn why your support matters:

Sou'West Nova Transit Association


Need a ride? We offer PRE-Booked transportation to medical appointments, shopping and more. For all Shelburne County residents. Affordable in-county rates. Out-of-county transport available. Wheelchair accessibility. Book your trip at least one day in advance. 

Call 902-637-2572

Western REN CONNECTOR Program


Putting local talent directly in  touch with community and  business leadership to build their professional network, connect  with career opportunities,  and stay in their community.

Why participate? • Uncover hidden talent in region • Employers reduce risk in hiring • Improve region’s workforce retention

Connector Program manager :

Brenda LaGrandeur 902-653-0369

Rosalin Nickerson Care Fund


Since starting in 2004, the Rosalin Nickerson Care Fund, has helped hundreds of people, in Shelburne County, who are diagnosed with cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer notify the Fund for assistance.

Salt Air Therapy


After graduating from the. Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Celeste Hatfield, has started her own massage clinic. Being able to make someone feel better and helping then is so rewarding. 

Grief Recovery Specialist - Bertha Brannen


Bertha is a retired Registered Nurse. During her 47 yr career she worked in Acute Care, as Administrator in long term care facility and certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist. She has facilitates sessions on loss and a Community Grief Support Group.

New Attitude - Bradley d'Entremont


Bradley uses his lived experiences with clinical depression to help other sufferers "cope" and recover from their own mental illness. Trained as a Peer Support Specialist and a member of New Attitude, an awareness group for anxiety, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia.

Meditation Guide / Mental Health Coach


Lori Smith Powers is a meditation guide and teacher as well as a Certified Integrative Mental Health Coach. 

Simply For Life


At Simply for Life Barrington, we empower people in our community to achieve their ultimate health by adopting simple yet profound nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our program is based on real, whole food, and lots of motivation and accountability. It's that simple. (902)575-2080

Laing House Yarmouth


Laing House is a peer (age 16 to 29 with a diagnosis of mood disorder, psychosis, and/or anxiety disorder) support organization for youth living with mental illness, where members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment. 


Photographer - Sue Hutchins


Sue Hutchins is a photographer from Yarmouth, NS and owner of Sue Hutchins Photography. Photography can be a great hobby or it can be a way to relax and take in all that is around you. In a way it is comparative to mindful meditation. Sue also teaches individuals how to get the most out of your camera. 

Byota Travel - Beatrice Goodwin


Beatrice is a home based travel agent with Byota. Consider a tour or some travel, near or far, to recharge your batteries or consider a mental health retreat. 



Pharmacists are an important part of the mental health team. They are available to assist with teaching about your medications and any concerns you may have. Everything is confidential and your consultation is private. Contact your Pharmacist today.

Intuitive Health Coach - Sharon Jones


I help heart centered creative professionals that are exposed to trauma, aggression and stress in the workplace.

Tri-County Women's Centre


Therapy for all genders 16 years old and older who have had experienced a recent or historical sexual assault, abuse, or harassment.