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Helping Others


We help individuals in many ways, from assisting with cost of prescriptions, paying for medical aids, assisting with travel costs to appointments, bursaries, distributing school supplies, paying for school meal plans, adopting families at Christmas, visiting seniors at Christmas, and referring resources to individuals that need more than our organization can provide. If we can’t help we vow to find a resource that can. If you or someone you know needs assistance please see our "Require Assistance?" page, private message on our Facebook page or email us at  All messages and emails are CONFIDENTIAL.


"One More Light" Mental Health Wellness Expo


The “One More Light” Mental Health Wellness Expo is an annual event. September 2018 was our first expo where over 20 professionals, which included life coaches and support organizations, as well as professionals who offered relaxation techniques and methods. Our next expo will be September 8th, 2019!




Our main source of funds is through various fundraising efforts. We rely on the generosity of others so that we may be able to help those who may need a helping hand from time to time. We accept etransfers to To all that support us  … we say Thank You!


Lottery Ticket Basket (2017)


 Winner of Lottery Ticket Basket was Kathy Maxwell! Congratulations! 

Lottery Ticket Basket (2018)


 Congratulations to the winner of our Lottery Ticket Basket, Darlene Smith!!!  

Michael Kors Purse (2018)


Congratulations to Patti Ross! Winner of the Michael Kors Handbag.

Valentine Basket (2019)


Valentine Basket was drawn at Woods Harbour Convenience Store at 4 pm Feb 12th. Thank you to LeeAnn Malone & Glenda Christenson for drawing the winning ticket … and the winning ticket was Sydney Nickerson!!!! Congratulations Sydney and thank you to all that supported us! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Gift Certificate Bundle (2019)


Gift Certificate Bundle (Lobster Shack, Dan's Ice Cream Shoppe, and Hatfield House) was drawn at Woods Harbour Convenience Store in June 2019. The winning ticket was Norma Nickerson!!! Congratulations Norma and thank you to all that supported us!

Become an Honorary Member!


Your Honorary Membership means that you are showing your support to helping our communities. With your membership fee the Because We Care Fund can continue to assist people with overcoming some of their burdens so that they may be able to move forward in their lives. Because of you and your caring we can make a big difference!

2018 "One More Light" Mental Health Wellness Expo

About the 2018 Expo:


Our first annual Mental Health Wellness Expo brought together 20 professionals who interacted with the public as well as had the opportunity to networked with each other. Admission was FREE to the public, as well to the professionals who participated. Several professionals took to the stage throughout the day to talk about issues; services that they provided; or demonstrated ways of relaxing. We had free draws throughout the expo with a grand draw for a weekend for two at White Point Beach Resort, which was won by Teresa Ross. How we measured success of the Expo ... by the many professionals who told us that they were able to reach out to people, that people were booking further appointments for counselling, and that people were "opening up" and thanking them for "just listening". 

Professionals who Participated:


Without the following professionals participating in our Expo the event would not have been the success that is was. Thank you to: Linda Symonds (Health Coach), Mind Over Matter Health Coaching Services , (Lana Townsend), Krista Peterson (Integrative Mental Health Coach), Integrative Health Coaching Association of Nova Scotia (Lillian Cunningham), Rally Point Retreat, Senior Services, "Care & Share" Peer Support for Depression, "Friends" Support Group for Depression, Anne Lovitt (Artist), St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs (Carl Dixon), Becky Brannen (Singer), Melda Roache Clark (Mental Health Speaker & Blogger), Elevacity, Paige Symonds (Nail Technician), Mom's Unite, Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association, Gail Morningstar (Life Skill Coach), DTC Natural Store, Shelburne County Learning Network, MCT Insurance, and Sou' West Nova Transit.

Our Generous Sponsors:


Thank you to the sponsors who donated time, gifts for draws, supplies, or gave a monetary donation. The following is a list of our generous Sponsors: Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association, White Point Beach Resort, Fox Hill Marine, Smith & Watt, RI Smith Lobsters, Tim Hortons, Barrington Passage Pharmasave, Lady Becky Fisheries, Anthony's Red & White, Make n Break Fisheries, Town of Clark's Harbour, Mom's Unite, Seaboard Inn, Amelie Daykin, Dixon's Marine, and Barrington Place Jewelers. 

Special Speaker:


Michael Bull Roberts 

International missionary, artist, speaker, award winning best selling author, and MBR Rescue Missions.   



A special thank you to all the people who volunteered. You all were greatly appreciated and our Expo could not have been successful without you!



September 22, 2018, at the Barrington Curling Club, was our first annual Mental Health Expo. 

2019 "One More Light" Mental Health Wellness Expo

About the 2019 Expo:


Our expo was suppose to be Sunday September 8th, 2019 but due to public safety, the damage and power outages caused by Hurricane Dorian we were forced to cancel. Our decision to cancel was not taken lightly and even though we knew that it was the correct decision to make … our hearts were still broken that we were not able to bring the resources and professionals to the public. We have updated our resources page on our website so everyone may utilize the resources to get support and assistance. Keep watch for next year which will be September 26th, 2020!

Professionals who were to participate:


Although our expo was cancelled we did have great professionals who were committed to attend this year. Here is a list of those who would have been at the expo: Linda Symonds Health Coach & Infinite Possibilities Trainer; Salt Air Therapy; Melda Roache Clark; Grief Recovery Specialist; Krista Peterson Mental Health Coach; Artist Anne Lovitt; DTC Natural Store; Shelburne Co. Mental Health & Wellness Assoc.; Sound Beings; New Attitude; Western REN Connector; Care and Share Peer Support for Depression; Rally Point Retreat; Friends Support Group for Depression; Lori Smith Powers Meditation Guide; Mom's Unite; Warm Line; Shelb. C. Learning Network; Simply for Life; St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog; Laing House; Senior Services; Life Coach Gail Morningstar; Lori's Lather; Aerus; Byota Travel Agent Beatrice Goodwin; Searidge Rehab Ctr; Sue Hutchins Photography; Barrington Passage Pharmasave; Sharon Jones Intuitive Healing Coach; Nova Scotia Works; Broomstick Moon; Integrative Health Coaches of NS; and Nail Technician Paige Symonds.

Our Generous Sponsors:


 We would like to thank all the sponsors that supported us: Hatfield House; White Point Beach Resort; Fox Hill Marine; Rachel Kendrick (Avon); Judy Watkins; Tim Hortons; Christine Malone; Lady Becky Fisheries; Anthony’s Red & White; Make n Break Fisheries; Nolan Symonds; Wilson’s Home Hardware; Amelie Daykin; BJS Fisheries; and Starboard Inn. 

Special Speaker: Derick Hudson


  Fifteen years ago, Derick was the driver and only survivor of a car crash that killed two of his friends. Derick plead guilty to the charge of impaired driving causing death and served 15 months in jail. He now is spending the rest of his life working to keep the memory of the victims alive and educating young people on the dangers of drinking and driving.


Special Speaker: Steven Burns


 In 2018, Steven’s wife, Constable Sara Burns, along with a second Constable and two civilians, lost their lives during a standoff in Fredericton, NB. He began to appreciate the challenges of being a single parent and credits his family, friends, and the community for supporting him and giving him strength during this transition. Through his support he believed even more in living life to the fullest. Steven said that it wasn’t a gunned man that killed his wife, and three others, but the gun man’s mental health did.    

Volunteers and Venue:


We would like to thank the Barrington Lions Club for all the work that went into setting up/booking our expo and then having to cancel. Also, a huge thank you to all the volunteers that were willing to help us out. 

Giving Back to Our Communities

Senior Visits


Throughout the holidays seniors, in particular, are alone and the simple act of visiting and spending time with a senior makes a world of difference. The Because We Care Fund, during the holidays, brings cookie baskets and friendship to the seniors in our communities.

BMHS 2018 Bursary


Congratulations to Shannon Symonds!!! Recipient of our $300 Bursary!! The Because We Care Fund wishes you much success in your future studies.

BMHS 2019 Bursary


Congratulations to Roan Messenger!!! Recipient of our $300 Bursary!! The Because We Care Fund wishes you much success in your future studies.

Adopt a Christmas Family


The Because We Care Fund adopts a family every Christmas whereby we provide gifts, for the family, and Christmas dinner. 

Christmas Meals


Every year we supply several families with complete Christmas Dinners. 

School Supplies:


Every year we help families cover some of the cost of preparing their children for the school year. 

School Lunches


School lunches can be expensive, especially if there are more than one child in the family requiring lunches every day. The Because We Care Fund donates to lunch programs every year to ensure children receive proper nutrition at school. 

Prescription and Medical Aid Assistance


We have an agreement with Barrington, NS pharmacies to contact the Because We Care Fund, confidently, with any prescription or medical aid costs that an individual are unable to afford. 

Transportation Assistance


We have "partnered" with Sou' West Nova Transit to help cover the costs for individuals needing transportation to appointments.

CRA Income Tax Preparation


We volunteer for Revenue Canada in assisting individuals in completing their Income Tax Returns for free. Certain criteria for eligibility has been set by Revenue Canada. For further information please visit the "Resources" section of this website.

Camp Jordan 2019


This year we sent 3 children to Camp Jordan, in August 2019. Here is a picture of Paisley enjoying some nutritious food at Camp Jordon. Thanks for the picture Paisley!

Silver Surfers


Along with the Woods Harbour Community Centre, the Because We Care Fund is providing seniors with learning various aspects of using the computer. For further information visit the "Resources" section of this website.